About Us

About Us

How Reroll is an online Twitch group comprised of four Twitch.tv streamers dedicated to playing tabletop games such as Dungeons and Dragons.



Gorebad serves as the Dungeon Master on How Reroll. In 1979, Gorebad started playing D&D along with other pen and paper games. In 1980 he began running his first game as a Dungeon Master. He owned his own gaming store in the UK for several years and was fortunate enough to attend some DM coaching sessions with TSR. In 1991, he became one of the RPGA’s sanctioned DM’s and ran tournaments for Gencon in Sussex, England for three years. Gorebad writes original material for his games and strays from the published adventures. His patience and lively voice acting helps bring in the newer Dungeons and Dragon players, who might otherwise feel uncomfortable with the mechanics and process. Watch Gorebad livestream other games on his personal channel at twitch.tv/gorebad or follow him on Twitter @gorebad. Also be sure to check out his Dungeons and Dragons Blog thedmblog.com.



Jayne Ivana

Jayne’s first experience playing Dungeons & Dragons was with Howreroll in 2014. She has since fallen into a deep obsession for tabletop games and seeks to play them all and reign over the universe with her massive collection. She is a community manager and loves spending time with people on the internet. She is also known for her mysterious quirk of never living in the same place, but someday she may settle down… You can follow her on Twitter @jayne0ntwitch.





Shaggit first got introduced to Dungeons and Dragons specifically on Howreroll but has a long history playing role playing games reaching far back to when he was teenage aspiring writer. This came in the form of the MUD Legends of Terris, which he joined in 1997.

In the summer of 2014, Shaggit began streaming in earnest. When asked by Gorebad to join Howreroll and play Dungeons and Dragons, Shaggit leapt at the opportunity. You can catch his own impromptu streams on twitch.tv/shaggit but to really keep up with the sporadic nature following his Twitter @ineb_convos is best. For a backstory on why this is his twitter handle, check out the never finished website: www.tipandtotal.com for context.




Snuggs’ first experience with Dungeons and Dragons was in high school, but he had been playing D&D based RPGs long before that. Games like Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter Nights, and Icewind Dale helped grow his love for all things D&D. On any given car ride, you can find Matt entertaining himself by creating fictional characters, their backstories, personalities, and voices… all out loud. This is his first foray into the world of streaming, but is excited to play with his new group of fantasy friends. Will he survive??? You call follow him on twitter at @mattysweettweet.





Kristactics spent her school years pouring over the art in her friend’s D&D handbooks, but never quite took the leap into a game herself until 2ish years ago when she started playing a campaign with Snuggs, Flanzig and her brothers. Since then she’s been hooked on that CRIT life. In between dragon slaying sessions she can be found drawing doodles, using GIFs in work emails, going to Disneyland, or playing the hardest game of all: Motherhood. She’s new to the streaming world, but very excited to play with these bozos. You can follow her on twitter @Kristactics or check out her work on IG @redheadedink





Spooker grew up hearing about Dungeons & Dragons from her father, a self-proclaimed MASTER halfling thief, and reading his old Player’s Handbook and Dungeon Master’s Guide repeatedly. Spook joined HRR in its third campaign “Children of Drakhar.” She contributes a quirky, emotional approach to the show’s roleplay, (yes, that anger is real, but she’ll remember it’s just a game in a second; don’t worry,) and is shamefully known for having no language filter. The new year promises a new RIG and that means less sporadic streaming (at twitch.tv/thedragonspooker) and the long awaited debut of Spook’s YouTube channel! Indulge in the randomness at her new blog (dracomata.livejournal.com) or follow her on Twitter @DragonSpooker.




Satchtmo has been playing D&D since middle school as an attempt to become more awkward, and has been awkward ever since. Being introduced in 4th edition, homebrew became her focus for a few years. Then someone clued her in to better editions. That person was not Shaggit. After skipping class on one of those optional days, she stumbled into the stream of a certain how ReRoll and fell in love. with Shaggit. Erm, I mean, was instantly captivated by Shaggit. dang it. You call follow her on twitter at @satchtmo.




Bane Blackstar

Bane is currently on hiatus as she travels with her husband. Bane had little experience with pen and paper games prior to Howreroll but grew up playing board games and is a veteran gamer who frequently streams World of Warcraft, as well as a plethora of other games on twitch.tv/bane1271. She calls her followers Banelings and hosts a fantastic special twitch show called Tasty Beverage Fridays where she encourages everyone to tweet at her the drinks they are consuming for a good time. She is also a very talented artist and is responsible for many of the Howreroll’s designs and graphics. Follow her on Twitter @baneblackstar.