About Us

About Us

How Reroll is an online Twitch group comprised of four Twitch.tv streamers dedicated to playing tabletop games such as Dungeons and Dragons.



Gorebad serves as the Dungeon Master on How Reroll. In 1979, Gorebad started playing D&D along with other pen and paper games. In 1980 he began running his first game as a Dungeon Master. He owned his own gaming store in the UK for several years and was fortunate enough to attend some DM coaching sessions with TSR. In 1991, he became one of the RPGA’s sanctioned DM’s and ran tournaments for Gencon in Sussex, England for three years. Gorebad writes original material for his games and strays from the published adventures. His patience and lively voice acting helps bring in the newer Dungeons and Dragon players, who might otherwise feel uncomfortable with the mechanics and process. Watch Gorebad livestream other games on his personal channel at twitch.tv/gorebad or follow him on Twitter @gorebad. Also be sure to check out his Dungeons and Dragons Blog thedmblog.com.





Bane Blackstar

Bane had little experience with pen and paper games prior to Howreroll but grew up playing board games and is a veteran gamer who frequently streams World of Warcraft, as well as a plethora of other games on twitch.tv/bane1271. She calls her followers Banelings and hosts a fantastic special twitch show called Tasty Beverage Fridays where she encourages everyone to tweet at her the drinks they are consuming for a good time. She is also a very talented artist and is responsible for many of the Howreroll’s designs and graphics. Follow her on Twitter @baneblackstar.





Jayne Ivana

Jayne loves all types of games and began streaming in the beginning of summer 2014. She is a casual gamer and avid fan of (every) TV (show…ever). She is a veteran Video Editor and runs the Howreroll Youtube channel and is responsible for all the promotional, introductory and conclusory videos for the How ReRoll stream. You can follow her on Twitter @jayne0ntwitch.






Shaggit’s first experience with Dungeons and Dragons is with Howreroll, but he has been a long time computer gamer in general. He began streaming in earnest the summer of 2014, though he is very casual about it. He plays League of Legends, World of Warcraft and other oldie titles but is most known for playing Hearthstone. At Howreroll he runs the Hearthstone Academy Twitch Channel on Wednesday nights. You can also catch him on his stream at twitch.tv/shaggit or on Twitter @ineb_convos.



Spooker grew up hearing about Dungeons & Dragons from her father, a self-proclaimed MASTER halfling thief, and reading his old Player’s Handbook and Dungeon Master’s Guide repeatedly. She participated in sporadic LARP’ing in college. Spooker is in the process of getting her Twitch channel started; she will feature a Street Fighter IV training series, Asian horror movie/Japanese drama commentary, as well as playthroughs of various visual novels/RPGs/survival horrors and other games (usually with little publicity) found on Steam. Tune in at twitch.tv/thedragonspooker or follow her on Twitter @DragonSpooker.