Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What characters do you guys play?

A: We play different characters every campaign as well as different characters on each show. To see the latest characters, hop onto our stream chat and type in !party.

Q: Can we see the character sheets of the characters for this campaign?

A: Not anymore! We grew tiredsome of updating both our roll20 sheets and website sheets. If you’re curious of a stat, just ask us and we will tell you.

Q: What version of D&D are you playing?

A: We alternate between 3.5 and 5e. We only play homebrew campaigns, meaning Gore created the world and story line entirely on his own. There are a few different house rules as well. We use the edition that will best tell the story we are trying to write.

Q: What platform for DnD are you using when you play on stream?

A: Roll20.net

Q: How did you all meet?

A: All of us are streamers on Twitch.tv and that’s how we found each other. We became friends and decided to play tabletop games together! Given our distance from each other, roll20.net made this possible to do online.

Q: Where do you guys live?

A: Shaggit lives in New York City, Gorebad in Louisiana, Bane in Canada, Spook in Houston, Snuggs in San Francisco, Satch in Detroit, Jayne in Seattle,Kristy in San Francisco, and Nat in Texas.

Q: Can I possibly play D&D with you guys sometime?

A: Yes! From time to time we have subscriber and viewer participation one-off games! Follow us on twitter to keep informed of when these may be!