Beneath the Veil

Beneath the Veil Campaign

Air Date: January 2018 – Present

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Story Premise



EMILIA PAGE – Jayne plays a human rogue named Emilia Page. Emilia grew up in a large family with four older brothers and two parents who were never around. Overshadowed by her siblings, she would shrink in the shadows and watch as life blew past her. Emilia envied the profession of a fisherman, wishing she could receive the fame and recognition those brave souls received. She yearned for any attention and affection and married the first boy that looked at her. A year later she sat with her first child and husband and only saw regret.

After a short time passed she left the family she had created and ran away to fulfill what she believed was her true calling – going below the veil to become a fisherman. She realized she had a knack for sneaking around and staying hidden and she picked up the spear and net with ease. Her first time coming back from the veil unscathed was the proudest moment of her life. She began to receive the attention from the city she had always desired, and she became addicted.

Emilia’s Character Sheet (Current Level: 5)


RUSH BRINKERY- Spook plays a gnome sorcerer named Rush. Rush was born into a well-off Gnome family full of successful and reputable engineers; the Brinkery lineage spawned the most talented inventors and tinkerers in Seddorea. However, at age 30, Rush began exhibiting telltale signs of a natural magic user. His family was disgusted and forced him into engineering anyway; they did not report Rush’s powers to the authorities and restricted him from developing or using them completely. Not learning to use his powers proved to be more troublesome for Rush’s engineering career. Magic would often seep from the young gnome and into his works with chaotic results, earning him the title “Rush the Dervish.” To his family’s horror and shame, Rush was shuffled to the “Quality Assurance” department of the Engineer’s Guild. After meeting the rest of the party in local taverns, Rush was introduced to Charybdis, an Elvish crone versed in the arcane ways. Charybdis happily embraced Rush as a fellow magic-user and taught him more about his abilities and how to better control them.

His greatest creation to date is his clockwork ermine familiar Jerusha. Originally intended to be a simple toy, the tiny weasel was brought to life when upon winding it up for the first time a spark of arcane energy flew into the clockwork from his hand. The whirring creature is often a voice of mature reason and serves to keep Rush grounded. “Brinx” is a nickname given to Rush by Jerusha.

His most notable quirk next to his insufferable flirtation habit is his pension for speaking in song lyrics. How many can you pick up on? Tweet @DragonSpooker #DJDervish with the song titles/artists you recognize during each session!

Rush’s Character Sheet (Current Level: 5)


DANION NORMINGTON V – Matt plays a human paladin named Danion. Danion was born into a life of entertainment, adventure, and performance. Being the son of the chief operators of the only traveling circus in the realm, The Flying Fuccinellos, he quickly acclimated to life on the “road.” The star of the Clash of the Colossi portion of the circus, Danion thrived being able to rely on his physicality and over-the-top nature his fans came to know and love. Eventually taking the helm of overseeing the circus, Danion found purpose in life bringing joy to the underprivledged and impoverish.

After a freak accident left him nearly dead, he was healed by Trithereon, the god of Individuality, Liberty, Retribution, and Self-Defense, and now focuses his efforts on helping the lowly citizens of Seddoria on a more personal, hands-on approach.

Danion’s Character Sheet (Current Level: 5)


FISEK WEINGARTEN- Satchtmo plays a gnome druid named Fisek. Fisek believes in a society which can coexist as part of nature. He views the city above the clouds as dystopic, and wants an option that isn’t sure death survival below- and wants that option available to anyone else.  He is a studied agricultural biologist, but given that that means using chemicals and possibly spells and prayers to grow mushrooms faster for the systematically starving lower class, he sought out more meaningful work. He set off on a thesis to study the conditions under the veil, and upon starting his exploratory scientific experience, quickly came to the conclusion that something about the ecosystem seems terribly hostile. And so he took up extension on his assignment, reporting only that further data were needed- and so he continued his obsession in studying the world under the veil, hiring fishermen as guides and bodyguards and became a bit of a hunter/gatherer himself.

Fisek’s Character Sheet (Current Level: 5)


NUDNIK LUMOND – Shaggit plays a Half-Orc Ranger named Nudnik Lumod. Born to a well-respected Orc Barbarian of the tribes below the Veil named Vorgak Lumod and a captive slave human woman who had been one of a few survivors of a dirigible wreck, Nudnik had it rough. His birth wasn’t planned and, so he was subjected to abuse and neglect from other members. At 13, Nudnik decided he’d be better left to his own. He had heard stories of cities far above the clouds in the mountains. With the lands below the veil being savage and unforgiving, he longed to leave for a better life.

One night he escaped and ventured into the clouds of the mountainside. He climbed through the mountains and ventured above the Veil and looked upon the city of Azumire. Naturally being a half orc and an outsider, the guardsmen shot at him and wished to kill him. Nudnik would try various times throughout the intervening years and approach. He longed to show he was peaceful and worth accepting. At night he’d hole up in one of the many caves for shelter and safety below. Years later whilst alone, he came across Emilia and Fisek as they ventured below the Veil for some unknown mission. After helping them, they agreed to sneak Nudnik into the city above. Once in the city, Nudnik holed up in the storeroom of a rather seedy bar. Head always down, he wished to blend in and survive.

Nudnik’s Character Sheet (Current Level: 5)

Area Map