Our 1-Year Streamaversary!

Dark Inquest, News & Updates

Last Thursday, September 24th, we hit our one-year mark of streaming How Reroll on Twitch. It was an epic affair, filled with many giveaways and surprises. Congrats to Ayzukio for winning the deluxe box set of Dungeon Dice and to all the others who won Choose Your Weapon t-shirts and more. Let’s take a look back on a timeline of events:

September 25th, 2014 – Our first episode of Marks of Intrigue
February 2015 – Officially Partnered with Twitch
April 2015 – First Dark Inquest episode
September 24th, 2015 – Streamaversary!

We cannot express our gratitude for the love everyone has showed us the moment we started this journey. We have made some many friends and have formed one of the best (in our very biased opinion) communities on Twitch. Cheers to another year!


Jayne put together what she likes to call an “Ode to Chat”:




Click below to watch our Streamaversary Episode (DI EP. 37)!


Written by howreroll