Kathryn Loch Fundraiser Stream

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kathrynlochthumbThis Thursday, December 10th, 2015, we will be having a very special Memorial Stream and Fundraiser for Kathryn Loch, an avid viewer of the stream who passed away unexpectedly. She watched our show together with her husband and son, and is a very special part of the Howreroll community. To us, she was a fantastic author, artist, and all around genuine human being.

Our goal is to help out Kathryn’s family monetarily so they can put her to rest peacefully. The stream will feature many unique and fantastic giveaways, such as a Tom Baker’s (known to most as Dr. Who) signature, dozens of Steam game codes, Bane Wares, drawings, Gorebad-y goodness (yes, we are being slightly vague on purpose), and more. There will be opportunities for everyone’s wallet size, from small to large. Of course, if you cannot donate, word of mouth is the best way you can help! Let’s show the world what it really means to have an online family.

To learn more about Kathryn and donate, please click here to go to their gofundme page.

We will see you over at twitch.tv/howreroll this Thursday starting at 7:30 PM CST!

Written by howreroll